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4 reasons why you need to automate your warehouse

The move towards automation and artificial intelligence seems to be almost unstoppable. As more and more industries are implementing automated systems to optimize operations, this is most prevalent with its use in the automation of warehouse management.

Warehouse management comes with a lot of challenges, some of which includes optimisation of space, inventory management to meet seasonal demands, and the need to employ enough human labour to keep things in order. Not only could this be an expensive endeavour, but simple human errors in warehouse management could result in costly repercussions.

In this article, we’ll talk about how the use of Agile Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AASRS) will help to mitigate such errors.

1) AASRS is more efficient than manual labour

The nature of humans are usually flawed, so mistakes will be made. AASRS is a multi-pick robot system that automates the process of storing and retrieving products in a warehouse. The mobile robot travels freely between warehouse racking and workstation, eliminating the risk of workers falling, for instance, especially when it picks goods from height.

In addition, these automated systems help reduce mistakes when items move in and out of the warehouse. The system is equipped with sensors and safety features to keep the workers safe. This increases accuracy and productivity in ways that manual labour cannot.

2) Improves Storage Capacity

With reference to the point before, this form of automation removes the risks from workers as they’re able to store and retrieve goods in high spaces. This form of vertical storage helps maximise storage space and at the same time reduces costs for the business especially in urban areas where real estate is expensive or limited.

3) Automation improves inventory management

Imagine having to stock-take hundreds and thousands of items in storage. The stress on resource would be too much without a smart warehouse. Warehouses that incorporate the AASRS technology will undoubtedly improve inventory tracking as you get a real-time update or stock movements. This computer-controlled system helps accurate inventory counting and improves work processes and reduces wastage.

4) Easily scalable and expandable

Contrary to popular belief, automation doesn’t necessarily have to be more expensive than hiring human labour. AASRS are at least 5 times cheaper than traditional ASRS and quick to set up. Coupled with its mobile nature, it is easily integrated SMEs, involving a low-cost system of expansion while making sure that your warehouse remains in prime operational efficiency, therefore helping to take your business to the next stage of expansion.

In conclusion, the use of AASRS in smart warehouse management system can not only improve your warehouse operations, but you’ll ensure your workers safety and cut costs while you’re at it. The utilisation of vertical spaces, as well as the help of these mobile robots, can ensure that you’re maximising the use of your storage space without spending excessive money on real estate. This system reduces the likelihood of errors and gives you real-time updates on stock movements. As the world’s technology (and mobile robots) continue to evolve, AASRS is expected to be implemented more so into each business to optimise their warehouse management system.

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